Books about Yoga

If you would like to read about yoga, I can recommend one of the following titles:

  • Yoga path to holistic health (B. K. S. Iyengar)
  • Light on Yoga (B. K. S. Iyengar)
  • Yoga: A Gem for Women (Geeta Iyengar)
  • The women´s book of Yoga and health: A lifelong guide to wellness(Linda Sparrowe, Patricia Walden)
  • Back Care Basics: A doctor´s gentle yoga program for back and neck pain relief (Mary Pullig Schatz)
  • Yoga for Wimps: Poses for the flexibly impaired (Miriam Austin)
  • The Runner´s Yoga book: A balanced approach to fitness (Jean Couch)

There are books aplenty on the subject of Yoga, especially from the USA.  These are some of my favourites.