What should I wear?

  • Wear sports clothes you feel comfortable with. You should be able to move easily in your clothes.
  • You practise Yoga with bare feet.You can wear socks if you must, but please consider that your standing will be a lot more stable with bare soles.

What should I bring?

Nothing (except the will to practise Yoga) - we have plenty of yoga mats and other props.

What´s a Yoga class like?                                                                                                     

Usually a Yoga class is divided in three parts. Most classes have a major subject, like shoulders, lower back, foot work, or a certain pose.

In the morning  class starts with a fluent, dynamic sequence to get you started. The dynamic sequence prepares and introduces the subject of this class, and is an excellent warming up.

The second part comes with longer stays in the poses and a more precise work. It aims for a better understanding of the poses and a refined feeling for your body. Exact work in the asanas (Yoga poses) and a good feeling for you and your movements provide best benefits from Yoga - better stretching, better muscle tone, better posture.

Class finishes with poses preparing for the final relaxation (Shavasana), so the final part mainly consists of complementary poses.

You leave your Yoga class relaxed and refreshed.

In the evening, the purpose of the first part is to leave the day behind. Yoga should be practised with concentration, so there will be restorative and relaxing  poses.

The second part of the class is dedicated to the main subject. At night as well as in morning classes, this part adresses understanding of poses and feeling for your body and movements. Dynamic sequences improve flexibility, so the middle of each evening part can also focus on dynamic sequences.

The final part of class is for balance. Especially if the second part was demanding or vigorous, you will need calming poses to prepare for the final relaxation and the night.